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Rodney K “Pug” Dalton   435-259-7981   P.O.Box 32    Moab, UT 84532

  • Water Wells Drilling
  • Mineral Exploration
  • New Pump Installation
  • Existing Pump Repair
  • Residential / Remote
  • Utah License. # 813

In the State of Utah, any well drilled to a depth of greater than 30 feet must be constructed by a Currently Licensed Utah Water Well Driller. The State Engineer, through the Division of Water Rights, is responsible for licensing requirements and well construction criteria and the promulgation of the Administrative Rules for Water Well Drillers.

Water rights and well permits are regulated by the State of Utah through the Department of Natural Resources. Application involves a process administered by the Division of Water Rights, and may take several months to complete. A “Driller (START) Card” must be obtained before any drilling can begin. Follow this link to obtain the required application and to read important information from the Utah DNR.


Basic Drilling LLC is affiliated with Harrison Land Services, specializing in Mineral Acquisition and Exploration Services, and Don Hamilton at Starpoint Exploration Permitting, Exploration Project Management, Mine Permitting, and NEPA compliance . 

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When you are looking for honest hard working drillers, Basic Drilling truly stands out from all the rest. After 3 years of trying to find a reputable driller to help me provide water to my mountain property, Mr. Horsley, State of Utah engineer in the Division of Water Rights, put it all into perspective. He said “ Well Drillers are like doctors, you hear lots of horror stories and a few positive endorsements.”


From the time I first met with “Pug”, to the time he left me with the valuable water that I needed, he was honest, punctual, dependable, and knowledgeable. He documented and discussed important information from the mud logs, kept me informed of the drilling progress, and made cost-effective recommendations as related to the quantity and quality of water that I required.

He acknowledged that he had not previously drilled in my remote location, and subsequently he consulted with local experts (La Sal Mountain Realty), well records, regional private contractors, and published state geological surveys, before and during the drilling operation, at no additional cost. I definitely endorse his work. Dr. Brent A Jarrett Well Location: La Sal, Utah. Well Drilled: Sept. 2009.  Well Depth: 292’.  Well Construction:: 6” Steel Casing.  Water Rights: 05-3366 05-3365 Water Flow: Approx. 20 gallons / minute.

Basic Drilling LLC PO Box 32 Moab Utah, 84532

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